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August 2015

Who is looking after your brand?


Are you looking after your Company Brand in the Job Market?
In recent years I have regrettably had candidates turn down interviews with fantastic companies as they had heard or seen information that did not give them confidence in the company or the role, in other words the companies recruitment brand had been damaged.

With skills shortages in IT being at an all time high, along with fast changing technology, higher demand and more data to deal with, the hunt for the best talent is hugely competitive which means that the best talent will have a number of options, so how do you protect your recruitment brand and attract the best people to you?

Are you selling your business correctly online?
This may sounds obvious, but ask yourself the question what does your website say about you as an organisation? Does your “careers page” and “about us” sections really show potential employees what it is like to work for the organisation?

Is your business Social Media savvy?
Does your Blog/Twitter/Facebook page show the kind of organisation you are or are they just being used to sell products?

How are your employees branding you?
Seems like a simple thing, but most candidates looking at moving will check out other employees online, look at how your employees are representing your business on social sites, is this how you would like it to be represented?

Are your job descriptions HR and Skills Lists?
By outlining what a job is on day by day basis skills wise, or using a generic job description is not going to excite potential employees. By highlighting how great the working environment is or career possibilities and innovative projects and technology you will stand out from the crowd. Get your current team members to add to this in their own words, giving a real insight into your business.

Have you chosen the right recruitment partner?
There are lots of choices when choosing a recruitment partner and by working with a recruitment organisation means that you are trusting your companies image in a very small market with a 3rd party. Make sure your recruiter understands your company ethos and is representing you correctly in the market.

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