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August 2015

Is there too much Social Commentary?


Yes I know I am writing a Social Commentary Blog about their being too much Social Commentary but I did try whispering it to myself over and over and no one took a lot of notice (well apart from my boyfriend who did look a little concerned).

My name is Gill and I am a Tweeting, Linked, Facebooking addict, not a day goes by without me spewing ideas, opinions and observations into an electronic space with the vain hope that I get some kind of recognition or acknowledgment back.

As I feed my addiction though recently I am noticing that I am having to “metaphorically speaking” shout louder and more often into the Social Arena to get my fix and I wondered is it all a bit too noisy and is this what is breeding the current trend of outspoken “Social Commentators” that a are rearing their ugly heads across all media outlets.

Whether it be online trolling, uncompromising newspaper columns, heated TV interviews or debates we know why these people are getting attention. They are “brave enough to say what people think”, but is this true, is it not the case that to gain that buzz of recognition they will say almost anything just to get the crowd riled up whether they believe it or not.

Newspapers and TV will always use this as publicity to gain publicity and you only need to read the comments of the “outraged” general public under newspaper articles all shouting and “fist shaking” to see that it works. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but surely only if these opinions are true rather than getting a fix of Social recognition.

Maybe its time to quieten down and stop feeding these monsters of the airtime and publicity they crave

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