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August 2015

Is Social Media ruining your career?


We have all seen the stories the press regarding people being fired for their stupidity on Social Media sites, and whilst these stories are very much at the ridiculous end of the scale and we’ve all probably sniggered about the absurdity of people, how career friendly is your Social Media presence?

As an IT recruiter I utilise Social Media probably more than most to search for candidates and whilst most people online are balanced and sensible, I am truly amazed sometimes at what people think is appropriate to post in such an open place. If I can see it, so can potential employers. In fact, I have had the case where a candidate has been rejected because of their views and language on Twitter. The candidate in question was bemused once I told him as he was only being tongue in cheek with what he was saying, however, in the soulless cyber world the tone was taken differently.

Everyone is different and if you are in work and not looking for a move then as long as you are not posting pictures of your private bits taken in the office, or announcing to the world you have managed to pull a sickie, you should be OK.

But what if you are job hunting?

Take it from me, I know the majority of my clients will check out any candidate applying for a role on some sort of social site whether on LinkedIn, Twitter Facebook etc. These are people who don’t know you, are not aware that the “banter” you have with your friends online is messing around or that those drunken pictures from your last holiday are a rarity.

If you are in the process of applying or interviewing for a new role, take a look at your Social Accounts; how would they look to someone who doesn’t know you?

Tidying up your online presence should be as much a part of your application process as writing your CV and preparing for interviews.

Don’t let your Social Media identity cost you your next career move.

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