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August 2015

Dare Devs & Girl Geeks


DareDevs and GirlGeeks

No this is not my new idea for a comic book although I reckon it could be pretty good, this is my experiences of practising what I blog. Following on from Why I got My Geek I have been very lucky to attend 2 great events over the last couple of weeks


I have to say I was a tad nervous (petrified) when the lovely guys at @DareDevs asked me to come along and give a talk all about recruitment, this would mean me talking to developers regarding a professional they generally mistrust and are frustrated with for 90 mins.

Having been asked, I was conscious of not just doing a “Recruiters are poor souls who are massively maligned” talk and instead put together a “warts and all” talk based around what we do, why we do it, and how to work with recruiter’s. I also was conscious that I would need a good amount of time for a Q&A (firing squad) session.

Content of talk

  • Intro
  • Why companies use a recruiter to hire developers
  • What IT recruiters do – A behind the scene look at how we manage the process from taking a job spec to making sure a developer starts on their first day
  • Why we do what we do – i.e. the seemingly dark side of recruitment
  • Helping yourself -What to do before you start you job search, to give yourself the best chance – cv & social media advice
  • How to choose and use a recruiter to find you your perfect job
  • Current market conditions and trends – what companies are looking for, how to get yourself that perfect job
  • You turn – How can we help you
  • Q&A


All in all from feedback the talk went well and it was great to discuss people’s frustrations and also hopefully lift the lid a little on the reasons we do what we do as well.

The guys at DareDevs were lovely to me and anyone wanting to attend a Dev/Techie group in Warrington once a month you should definitely check these guys out they have some great speakers coming up.


Manchester Girl Geeks

I have followed the tweets and blogs online of the amazing Manchester Girl Geeks which organises networking events & workshops for women with an interest in STEM and was super pleased to be able to sponsor their most recent Barcamp. Having never attending an event like this I was really excited to see what innovation and inspiration would be on show.

The day was fantastic event, I met some really great people (girls and boys) and was really impressed and inspired by the topics covered in the non conference. As is traditional in all of Manchester Girl Geeks event their was a bake off in which Curve IT was super proud to come 2nd.

I will definitely be attending more of these events as they are truly inspiring and informative as well as loads of fun…

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