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August 2015

Are you ready for your interview?

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You are looking for a new role, you have the chance to join a company of your dreams, so are you ready for your interview?

OK here’s the thing you probably aren’t, in fact very few people usually are.

But don’t worry you are not a professional interviewee and by just spending a little bit more time in your preparation you can make sure you have the best chance of getting the job.

Most people’s interview preparation will be to do the basics

• Looking at the company website
• Reading the job description
• Knowing how to get there on time
• Making sure they are suited and booted accordingly

Great that’s a good start, but what makes the difference, what else can you be doing?

1. Use Social Media to research the people who will be interviewing you LinkedIn, Twitter etc., it will give you a great insight into their background and also how they think.
2. Don’t just scan the company website or read the about us page, dig deeper, have a look at the news feeds, latest blogs, team pages. You will get a real sense of the business.
3. Tidy up your own Social Media presence, if you are researching them the likelihood is that they will be taking a peek at you.
4. Prepare a list of questions to take with you and print them out!. By having a printed list of questions shows good preparation skills and professionalism but be careful about what you ask.
5. Re-Read your CV, your experience in previous roles especially if a few years ago may be a little fuzzy, better to remind yourself before you go in rather than searching for the answer in an interview.
6. Get yourself into interview mode; think about what makes you great, why would someone want to employ you? A great tip is to think about how your current boss would describe what it is you bring to the team and then think about examples of when you have demonstrated this.
7. Think about why you want the role, people who are passionate in interviews and who demonstrate how much they want the job are usually the ones that employers remember.
8. Practice… This may sound bit overkill but if you are using a recruiter to find you the role, ask them to dummy interview you or if you are going directly ask a friend or partner.

By investing time in preparation you are truly giving yourself the best chance to get that job.

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